Feature Rich Systems at reduced costs

Premier HD telephony provides greater flexibility, additional fuctionality and more features whilst reducing costs. It has the power to revolutionaise the way your business communicates.

No upfront costs
Pricing per user (seat) and simple price list to ensure users are in control, delivering a clear return on expenditure.
Call & line costs
Free 'on net' calls between users and sites dramatically reduce call costs and savings can be made on line rental costs.
Reduced Maintenance Costs

Central management and improved efficiency levels will lead to a reduction in maintenance costs, as you only have one single-managed platform to fund.
Maximum Flexibility
If your office relocates, you can retain your existing phone numbers while also being able to add further numbers at any time. Add or remove users or phone lines instantly. Remote offices or even mobile users can be part of your system regardless of where they are. Anywhere in the world with data access.

Reduce your costs and update to the worlds leading hosted telephony

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