Mobile Data

The demand for mobile data has exploded over recent years. We are now in constant contact with the world through both our work and personal devices and this is all due to the improvements on mobile data over the last 15 years.

How much do you need?

With ever more apps, we are using our smartphones for both work and personal life increasingly as data devices. Most interactions with the typical smartphone these days doesn't involve a phone call. Having enough data to use without running up big bills is becoming increasingly important as data demand continues to increase for all of us.

Here at Premier Telecom we recognise the importance of keeping data costs as low as possible. We buy data in bulk from the mobile networks so that we can create cost-effective data bundles for our customers. We tailor the bundle to suit your requirements, not the other way round.

What you typically get for 1GB

Download & Send up to 10,000 emails

View 3,000 web pages

One hour of video conferencing

Listen to 80 hours of online radio

Businesses are increasingly embracing mobile technology to remain competitive. Employees now prefer to access and share information from anywhere. This has multiplied the importance of mobile data. As businesses strive to create connected workplaces, mobile devices have become pivotal in ensuring communication and connectivity.

The impact of mobile data usage at workplace has been profound. Cisco Visual Networking Index states that international mobile data increased exponentially by 81% in 2013. If you are wondering how mobile data is consumed by most business users, here is a brief look at the top 5 ways.

1. Internet searches and research
With fast paced business environment employees are dependent on the latest information. From frontline employees to decision makers, all rely on up to date information. According to a whitepaper published by BIA/Kelsey, the total share of mobile devices being used in overall search queries is now at 25%. Mobile data can help you search for stats, figures and facts anywhere at any time.

2. Emails
Employees are embracing the blurring line between workplaces and their personal lives. Timely and prompt correspondence is mandatory for a business. With mobile devices now offering email apps for popular email platforms, employees can respond and send emails from anywhere with mobile data. In fact 52% of all mobile phones users are in the habit of sending and receiving emails.

3. Business apps
The increased usage of smartphones for conducting business is not lost on app developers. The tools for a modern business are now easily available on their smartphones. In fact, these apps cost them less compared to conventional tools. In fact, Mobile Behavior Report 2014 states that six of ten mobile device users have downloaded a business app. What's more, 65% of them believe these apps are more convenient means to access information. Apps like Evernote, Microsoft Office and even Google Drive can be easily accessed and used through smartphone easily now.

4. Video Conferencing
Communicating via mobile phone is not restricted to voice calling alone. Businesses can now communicate through video right from their handheld devices. Professionals are now conducting meetings on the go or even from their homes. Mobile data allows businesses to easily communicate by capitalizing on video conferencing apps. According to Pew Research Center, 21% of cellphone users use their phones to make a video call or take part in video chat.

5. Real time information
Many business operations now rely on latest communication technologies that help them keep track of their assets and resources. For them, real time information is important for decision making and control. Most of these apps and tools that monitor their assets utilize their mobile internet so that they can check and monitor on the go. Consider a pharmaceutical company that depends on sales reps for marketing and selling. Using mobile data, the sales rep can communicate with back office by sharing data on customers, sales made and also to verify inventory among many other things.

Mobile data solutions are the key to connected enterprises where businesses can share data and work seamlessly with their employees. With such a solution, employees are not bound to a single desk and can work from anywhere.

Most businesses now look toward group data solutions that help them share data across the company. This helps in saving costs as employees don't have to spend more than that of their existing plans.