Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management known as MDM allows you to remotely manage the mobile devices in your deployment.

You can wirelessly (over cellular or Wi-Fi) configure, query, and even wipe or lock managed devices. MDM is available through Premier Telecom as an on-premise installation or as a cloud-based solution.

Mobile Application Management

Track installed apps

Build device records using custom data fields

Publish a list of approved apps onto each device and provide a single-click download/install process for users

Silently install/remove apps

Securely host, remotely deploy, and distribute in-house apps to end users

Security, Change & Configuration Management

Set longer, more complex passwords for enterprise level security

Lock a device, clear a password, and wipe a device clean to factory settings

Manage and deploy profiles to configure email, restrict apps, set up VPN, disable the camera, and deploy web clips

Send customized messages and communicate with the end user wirelessly Use MDM to track devices.

Use policy-locked configuration profiles to stop non-compliant devices (jailbroken, blacklisted apps installed) from accessing company email and networks

Schedule policies so users have a defined window of time to access secured documents and corporate networks

Mobile Content Management

Gather hardware and software data points for analysis.

Display data such as serial numbers, Mac addresses, installed apps, telephone numbers, and other data with custom views, searches, and reports .

Integrate your mobile device data with third party applications such as Microsoft SCCM

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Use the automated employee enrolment process to onboard employees and their personally owned devices, eliminating the manual IT work associated with BYOD programs

Record employee opt-in and direct a copy of each confirmation to Human Resources

Automatically assign BYOD-specific policies to ensure these devices only access corporate networks and data if they are compliant

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