Machine 2 Machine (M2M)

What is M2M? = Machine-to-Machine

M2M Technoloy lets you connect any sort of machine to other machines via special sim cards over a mobile network. This allows the machines to exchange all sorts of useful realtime information. A car's location, an oven's temperature, footfall counters in a retail store or stock levels in vending machine are just some of the uses our customers have for M2M.

M2M is really exploding right now thanks to the improved capabilities of the mobile network and could make your business more informed,efficient and agile – without any major long term investment.

Expertise and Working with our Partners

We are experts in M2M and we are able to supply sim cards with 4G Coverage in over 160 towns and that number is rapidly growing. With 3G access covering over 98% of the poulation we really are the people to talk to when considering your M2M solution.

What can M2M do for you?

Smarter Decison Making… Richer data on what your business or customers are doing helps you steer day to day decisions and it can help you provide all the insights you need for long-term planning.

Greater efficiency

More data (and more accurate data) allows you to manage your operations better. With a solution from Premier Telecom you are able to manage your operations better and cut out any unnecessary costs.

Over 40% of businesses see M2M as important but less than 20% have actually introduced it. Those that have introduced it find it a great solution to get a real competitive edge.

Extra Tough Sims

We are also able to provide extra tough sims to work in the most demanding applications. These sims are built to withstand extreme conditions.

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3G/4G Antennae

For occasions when an installation site doesn't receive network coverage, we can offer a selection of signal boosting antennae. Our professional grade antenna can even achieve a strong network signal when the device itself would normally have none.