Large Business Solutions

50+ Users.


Choose Your Handset

For only £95 per month, you can choose your handset and receive the following benefits:

  • Choose from an iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge & more
  • 50GB of Superfast 4G Data
  • Unlimited Mobile & Landline Minutes
  • Unlimited Text & Picture Messages
  • 1200 Minutes & 1200 Texts to & from EU, USA & Business Zones
  • 500MB EU Roaming Data

Only £95

Inclusive Free Calls to USA and Europe

With Inclusive Free calls to USA and Europe, all your calls to both landlines and mobile phones in the USA and Europe are simply deducted from your inclusive bundle of minutes.

Which means all your calls to USA and Europe from your mobile phone are FREE.

It's a fantastic offer and it's only available for a limited time so
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£4.42 Sharer Line Rental

Use your existing devices and get all these benefits on each sim:

  • Unlimited Landline Minutes to 10 Nominated Landlines
  • Unlimited Group Calls
  • Unlimited Free Voicemail Minutes
  • Your choice of shared cross network minutes and text

Superfast 4G wireless internet

Now you can get Superfast 4G internet for all your wireless devices (mobile phone, tablet and laptop) for only £18.33 per month.

  • Connects your Wi-Fi devices to mobile internet
  • Works anywhere you get network coverage
  • Fastest wireless speed available in the UK
  • 15GB of Superfast 4G Internet every month

Only £18.33

Gold level of service

As a large client, you are qualify for our unique Gold Level of service where you will receive many benefits reserved exclusively for our Gold clients.

  • Implementation management:
Changing your handsets over can be a nightmare if not managed properly, which is why you will have a dedicated implementation manager from the moment you join us. They will ensure that your account set-up, number porting and handset implementation all run smoothly to minimise any impact on your business.

  • UK based support team:
Rather than calling an international call centre, you will get direct access to our UK based support team. Who in turn have access to the highest level support team at each of the networks, which means anytime we need to liaise with the network on your behalf, it gets done!

  • Next day handset replacement:
Your business productivity relies on your devices working, which is why when you have a faulty handset, we will get a courier out ti you with a replacement by the next working day. Damage and loss cover for your handsets is also available.

Tailored plans for your business

Your business is unique, your mobile plan should be as well.

We can tailor deals to suit your business perfectly, so no matter what your telecommunication requirements are, we'll make your plan a perfect fitting solution for your business.

Which will prevent unwanted surcharges and unnecessary waste of excess benefits.

Our tailoring services doesn't stop there, because we'll also work with you to build a customised service package to suit your daily business operations. Which means that you can get individual services specific for your business.

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Android Experts

The market has been swamped by new Android Handsets recently.

If you're thinking about moving to an Android phone, you'll definitely want a company who knows Android phones, the operating system and the best Business Apps - inside out.

So whether you need assistance setting up your emails, choosing the best Business Apps or figuring out the Android operating system...our experts are always here to help.

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Apple Experts

Our Dedicated Apple experts can help you pick out the best Business Apps. There are some fantastic Apple apps that can stream line your business processes and save your business time and money.

If you're thinking about moving your Business to Apple you'll definitely want a company who knows iPhones & iOS Busines Applications inside out.

So wherether you need assistance setting up your emails, finding an App for a specific business need or covering your iPhone from damage and loss (with free next day replacement) we're here to help.

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BlackBerry Experts

Thanks to its integration, security and safety, BlackBerry is still the handset of choice for many business owners.

Our in-house BlackBerry technicians are on hand to guide you through the process of integrating your full BlackBerry business solution.

Having installed BlackBerry Enterprise Servers for over 10 years we can help your company install, set up and support any aspect of the BlackBerry product portfolio.

We have installed the BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution for companies with just a few users, all the way through to companies with 1,000s of users.

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Windows Experts

If you're thinking about moving your Business to a Windows device you'll definitely want a company with extensive experience in all of the Windows Phone operating systems, including the brand new Windows Phone.

Our experts will help you choose the best Windows mobile phone for you as well as help guide you to Windows Business Applications that help you do more business.

So whether you're new to Windows or have an IT degree in Microsoft technology, we're here to help you find a solution.

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