Cloud Hosted VoIP

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What is a hosted telephone system and how can it help my business?

Hosted telephone systems have become very popular with businesses of all sizes due to their low setup cost, lack of maintenance, flexibility and scalability. They're also always up to date with the latest telephony features, so what's not to like?

Well the first thing you need to know is that they run on VoIP (Voice over internet protocol), so a data connection of some type is required, such as broadband or fibre, EFM or leased line. But you can also access such systems using your mobile phone with mobile data.

A typical UK fibre broadband line can easily cope with 50 hosted VoIP lines. It's not difficult to see the potential for significant cost savings. That's effectively 50 telephone lines for your business through just one physical cable!

The cost of VoIP lines vary depending on features and whether hosted VoIP handsets are to be included in the package, but they offer significant savings over traditional wire lines. All the features that businesses have come to rely on and expect in ordinary telephone systems are present with hosted systems. Hunt groups, call recording, call forwarding, mobile twinning and many other features can be configured and setup easily in minutes.

Hosted systems such as Premier Telecom's Cloud Hosted Voice include free calls between all of your sites, even mobile. For calls that are chargeable, the call rates are typically lower with most providers when compared with fixed line call rates.
The system can be used with desktop telephone handsets just like any regular telephone system or you can operate from a PC, laptop or tablet using a software-client with a headset. The really clever thing is that your system can be based at one premise, or at multiple premises anywhere in the world (including home offices), or perhaps quite simply via mobile smartphone when out on site anywhere with mobile data coverage. It's deployment is infinitely flexible so it can readily be adapted to suit any changes that your business may require.

Call reporting analysis is a very powerful feature that enables users to receive real-time reporting and incoming call analysis on hunt groups and call queues (if you have call-queuing as part of your service). The application collects all available data from the service, allowing you to run detailed reports and undertake call analytics activities. The software provides a real insight into how your business interacts with your customers and suppliers in real time using a configurable dashboard and reporting suite. The detailed performance is presented instantaneously enabling you to dynamically take action as events occur. This real time information can be displayed via a browser to any device anywhere for constant management of the key communication metrics of the business.

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