More businesses are realising the benefits that Cloud services can bring to their business with a more flexible approach to getting work done wherever they may be. On the train, in the car, at home or maybe in the coffee shop on a foreign business trip. From almost any device you can now be in the office even when you're not. The days are gone when it was necessary to be at one place of work, using a set workstation in order to access your systems, applications and software.

Of course, many of us will continue to spend much of the working week in our office, but having the flexibility to be able work remotely whilst out of the office is becoming popular for a reason; it improves productivity and using the cloud services that enable this reduces capital outlay.

Working with Hosted Desktop not only means access to your systems, apps and files wherever you are in the world, but it negates the requirement for powerful and expensive equipment. Microsoft Office 365 allows you to synchronise all of your communications regardless of device.

Your laptop, tablet or smartphone can simply be an extension of your Cloud Hosted Telephone system allowing you to make and receive calls as if you were in the office, but from wherever you are.

The ability to be able to continue with your work on virtually any device at any time from virtually anywhere can liberate your workforce.

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